Complete control
of your business
from anywhere.

With the Keeper© module, not only will you know immediately of any hitches that may occur in your business, you will be able to operate it remotely too. All this is by means of SMS messages, with no telephone cables. You just need a mobile phone SIM card.

Remote control of:

  • Takings or event counters

  • Temporarily or permanently unmanned facilities

  • Personnel access

  • Power cuts

  • Water or fluid leaks

  • Machinery faults or breakdowns

  • Notifications to replace consumables in machinery

  • Lack of water or soap

  • Unauthorised access to the material or machinery

  • On and/or off condition of lights, doors, machinery, etc.

  • Intruder access or theft

  • Automatic processes

modulo de alarmas keeper
Fioto Keeper© is a counter and/or alarm module that uses GSM technology to report alarms, send or receive SMS commands and to link locally or remotely to dedicated software or a data terminal. The system can be configured either via a serial port or remotely by means of SMS commands.

It can report customised text message up to 30 characters in length solely to two mobile phones configured in the system, with the option of access restrictions in the secondary phone.

The system only accepts SMS command requests from the two pre-configured phones, while remote user access is only allowed by means of an entry password defined initially.

The standard system has up to 24 counter inputs, 24 alarms and 2 remote activation outputs and can be expanded to 48 counters and 48 alarms by adding an expansion module. Its flexibility allows for configurations that enable solely alarms or counters up to a maximum of 48 inputs.
modulo de alarmas keeper
Illuminated operation indicator
modulo de alarmas keeper
Easy access to connections
modulo de alarmas keeper
Serial port for configuration
modulo de alarmas keeper
Magnetic antenna


  • 12 VAC +/- 10% Power Supply, Max. 1.5A

  • Alarm inputs:

    • · Number of alarm inputs: 24
    • · Alarm activation time: 3 s
    • · Alarm reset time: 3 s
    • · Activation by means of a common alarm signal to maintain optically coupled insulation. 
  • Counter inputs:

    • · Number of counter inputs: 24
    • · Input voltage: 12 VDC, no polarity
    • · Minimum activation time: 80 ms
    • · Minimum interval: 80 ms
    • · Optically coupled inputs
  • Remote activation outputs:

    • · Number of relay outputs: 2
    • · Max. current: 500 mA (24 V AC/DC)


    • · WAVECOM Q2400 model
    • · 2 Watts E-GSM 900 Band at 3.6 V
    • · 1 Watt GSM 1800 Band at 3.6 V
    • · SIM Interface at 3 V
    • · Dual band magnetic antenna, 3 dB


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