calidad fioto

Pursuing excellence
in technology
and design


  • Since the company was founded, at Fioto we have always been committed to professionals, providing innovative products of the highest quality. 

  • We are accessible and maintain full communication with all our customers with the clear goal of offering a high standard of service to meet all your needs.

  • The search for reliability has determined our roadmap, inspiring us in the constant hard work which is always reflected in all our products. 

  • Fioto machines are the result of a rigorous manufacturing process which, starting from a thorough analysis, aims for maximum optimisation to achieve the highest possible competitiveness. All our models are developed, designed, patented and produced in-house, with a significant R&D&i investment and effort.

  • Our solutions are always the result of stringent requirements and are mainly aimed at those professionals who want a job well done.

  • We are delighted that our innovative and differential character has become the reference in today’s market.