Designed for high-pressure car washing

Whether you wish to install a new facility or modernise your existing one, Faris is the best option available on the market for performance and quality.

Faris is a reliable, efficient, solid and robust product with a long life for many years of trouble-free of operation. 

Made of stainless steel, it has a reinforced frame up to 5 mm thick and a lever-protected high-security locking system, making it an armoured machine. It also has an alarm system fully prepared for connection to the installation alarm panel. The advanced, user-friendly and intuitive control panel with illuminated pushbuttons, can store between 1 and 8 washing programs. The system itself has programmed voice messages to help users during the simple payment and program selection process. 

Faris provides the highest level of protection on the market against water, preventing damage that might be caused by moisture occurring in these types of devices.

Intended for maximum versatility, the product can be graphically customised for any client and also provides the possibility of incorporating prepayment systems, a coin vacuum, a stand and many other extras that we are sure will not only meet your needs, but also make Faris your best choice. 

Therefore Faris will bring quick ROI and its long life cycle will contribute to environmental friendliness.

cajas de control faris
cajas de control faris
Internal parts protected
caja de control faris
Stand (optional)
caja de control faris
Coin vacuum tube (optional)
caja de control faris
100% customisable control panel

Faris customisation:
Polycarbonate film
+ programme vinyl
(100% customisable)



  • Manufactured from AISI-304L grade stainless steel

  • Autonomous operation mode (the box manages the service time), centralised (time managed by PLC), or manual (operation without coins)

  • Two-point anchor lock with padlock and anti-lever hinge

  • Protective covers for all electronic components

  • Multifunction display. Displays the remaining time (if desired) in seconds or fractions of time, and on opening the door, the inserted coin count (tamper-proof counter) is displayed

  • Customisable voice messages on removable medium

  • It has a secondary time activated by an external signal, used to reduce the service time during peak hours / days

  • An “Out of order" system to disable the insertion of coins in the event of a breakdown in the washing service

  • Completely configurable electronic controller "in situ”

Net weight (including packaging)Power supplyProtection ratingWorking humidityDrawer capacityNet weightPower consumptionWorking temperatureCoins acceptedGeneral dimensions (cms.)
25Kg12-24V AC or 12V DCIP 5410% - 90% without condensationApprox. 200 coins(50 cent, €1 and €2)20Kg700mA-15°C / +50°C4 coins and/or tokens + pre-paid key (depending on model)33,5 (width) x 44 (height) x15,5 (depth)



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